The Founders

Zac Mirabelli

is a dynamic personality known for his endeavors in the realm of reality television and modeling. A Chicago native, Zac is the youngest of three sisters and exhibited a passion for entertainment and business from a young age. He rose to prominence with his charm, wit, and genuine personality when he captivated audiences globally, winning the first season of the reality TV show “Love Island USA.”

Beyond his success on reality TV, Zac is fiercely passionate about pursuing a career in acting and enjoys creating YouTube videos focused on lifestyle and fashion. Currently, he is signed with Ford Models and Innovative Artists. Despite his rapid rise to fame, Zac remains grounded and focused on personal growth and self-improvement. In his pursuit to achieve daily balance, the jewelry brand, Aethera was established in July of 2023 with his two partners.

John VanBeber

is an enigmatic figure known for his humor and unwavering dedication to his passions. Hailing from the heart of Texas, he spent his formative years steeped in its vibrant culture, fostering his entrepreneurial spirit and keen sense of creativity. With an all-or-nothing approach to life, John fearlessly pursued his dreams, establishing two businesses before co-founding Aethera, a visionary jewelry brand that looks toward the future, versus the past, for inspiration.

Transitioning seamlessly from the Lone Star State to the bustle of New York City, John embraced the fast-paced world of fashion modeling and entrepreneurship with delight and currently is signed with Ford Models. His charisma and knack for entertainment propelled him into the creative fields, which lead to the creation of Aethera. Despite a demanding schedule, John maintains a laid-back attitude toward life, setting his own tempo and inspiring those around him with infectious laughter and innovative spirit.

"At the end of the day, I'm going to create things that make ME happy and fulfilled. People are either going to like it or not. When I view life from this A/B lens, it takes all the pressure off myself. I established this brand with the primary intention of fostering camaraderie and daily enjoyment with my friends and the community we'll build, with financial considerations always being secondary in importance."

Lane Hitt

is the co-CEO and co-founder, an entrepreneur, actor, and model. He got his start at 14 years old when he was signed to a modeling agency in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. With massive ambition to succeed, after graduating high school early, he moved to New York City at only 17 years old. From there, he elapsed an impressive 11-year career in fashion. Lane is currently signed with Ford Models and Innovative Artists, where he has been for the formative years of his career. Along with several successful campaigns for major brands, he is broadening his horizons with an upcoming television appearance. The award-winning show, Evil, will stream in May 2024 and will be the budding actor's first appearance. With many more to come.

Lane was raised by a single mother who always encouraged him to live his dreams and has always been his biggest supporter, along with numerous family members and friends that couldn’t be prouder of him.