What we stand for

About Us

The brand Aethera was inspired by the divine masculine and feminine energies. The name “aether” symbolizes the celestial and ethereal realm. The feminine “Aeth” combines the intuitive and receptive characterization of BEING, while “Era” combines the active and logical characterization of DOING. When these energies are balanced, “Aethera” is experienced with the greatest sense of harmony and fulfillment. 

Aethera Design’s mission is to break down barriers and create a new standard for living in your divine unity and balance. As a direct-to-consumer company, we believe in accessibility and inclusivity to all. Our craftsmanship is shown throughout our intricate designs that are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, marrying the balance of both masculine and feminine elements. We aim to provide jewelry that effortlessly complements any style, empowering individuals to express their unique identity and personal narrative. Aethera Design aspires to evolve into a multifaceted design firm, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression across various design spaces.

The Founders